3 Strategies To Find The Most Appropriate Life Insurance Policy For Your Needs

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You may have taken insurance for granted, but the truth is that it is an important weapon in your arsenal. Life insurance shouldn't be taken lightly because it can protect your family from financial issues in the unlikely event of your demise. Mortality is uncertain—and it can happen any time. With so many insurance options available to you, how do you choose? An insurance broker will help you by shopping around, but it pays to have some knowledge on your own too.

27 June 2018

4 Types of Insurance for Startup Companies

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Every business has inherent risks that entrepreneurs must consider when they launch operations. Business insurance can safeguard your company against several scenarios that might prove costly such as liability cases and damage to property. Finding the right cover will set a businessperson on a sound economic footing from the get-go. Here are four types of business insurance that every startup company must know. Commercial Property Insurance -- Physical property such as equipment, machinery, furniture, inventory, and buildings are susceptible to damage.

18 January 2018