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Two Reasons Why Beauty Therapists Need Public Liability Insurance

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Whilst performing beauty treatments is not generally a very risky business activity, beauty therapists should still consider getting public liability insurance. Here are two reasons why.

1. In case one of their clients has a bad reaction to a treatment

Some people are allergic to the ingredients in common beauty treatments; for example, a significant number of people are sensitive to certain essential oils, which are often included in the products beauty therapists use to give facials, or to some types of wax that these professionals use when removing their clients' body and facial hair.

As such, it is possible that a client of a beauty therapist could have a bad reaction to treatment (they might, for example, break out in a rash). If this person has to seek medical treatment for their allergic reaction or if occurred on a prominent part of their face or body, and therefore greatly affected their appearance, they might sue their beauty therapist. They could be able to do this, even if the beauty therapist did their job properly. In this situation, this professional could contact their insurer and use their public liability insurance to cover any compensation the client requested and was awarded.

2. In case a beauty therapist makes a mistake when providing a treatment  

Public liability insurance can also protect beauty therapists if or when they make errors when performing treatments on clients. For example, if a beauty therapist accidentally overheats the hot wax they're using to wax a client's legs and then they apply it to that person's leg, it could burn their skin. Likewise, if they get distracted whilst using nail scissors on a client during a manicure, they could accidentally cut that client's finger.

Even if they have never made an error like this before, this single mistake could cause their beauty therapy business to go under, if they don't have the right insurance needed to financially protect themselves, in the event of the injured client seeking legal recourse that results in them being awarded compensation.

Furthermore, if a beauty therapist provides treatments where there is a greater chance of something going wrong if even a small mistake is made (such as when they're doing potent chemical peels), their clients may be more willing to undergo these riskier beauty treatments if they know that their beauty therapist is insured and that they can make a claim if that therapist makes an error.


19 July 2021